Antennas SW 10 kW - 300 kW - product specification

Model Carrier  power
10 MW 10 kW
20 MW 20 kW
50 MW 50 kW
100 MW 100 kW
300 MW 300 kW
down 1 03
Frequency Polarization
525 – 1605 MHz  Vertical
down 1 03
Modulation Pattern
+ 125 % AM Omni-Azimuthal
down 1 03
Environmental Mast Height
135 km per hour, wind, no ice 10 MW - 40 m
20 MW, 50 MW, 100 MW, 300 MW - 60 m
down 1 03
Matching Unit Input (50 Ohm, EAI connector)
1-5/8“ 10 kW
1-5/8“ 20 kW
3-1/8“ 50 kW
4-1/8“ 100 kW
6-1/8“ 300 kW
down 1 03

Medium Wave Antennas 10 kW – 300 kW

MW Folded Unipole Antennas
These antennas have been developed in order to cover mobile systems needs as well as the emergency service of temporary MW AM broadcasting.
They can also be used as stationary antennas for services in the MW broadcasting range.
The whole antenna system comprises: antenna, matching unit and a coaxial feeder line.
The antenna consists of a grounded vertical tower with six folded wires spaced in 60 degrees around the tower. The folds are tied together on the ring at the base of the antenna.
The matching unit is designed so that it can match transmitter output to the antenna input impedance over the whole MW band. All components are placed in a weatherproof Al-box that makes it ready for immediate service.

A flexible coaxial cable is used as a connection between the transmitter and the antenna matching unit, especially in case of mobile application.
The ground screen consists of 60 copper wires equispaced around the tower.
Each folded Unipole Antenna is designed to withstand nominal radiating power +125 % amplitude modulation in the frequency range 525 to 1605 kHz.

A Folded Unipole Antenna has the following advantages in comparison with series fed and top-loaded antennas:

  • greater radiation resistance
  • greater bandwidth of overall system
  • no base insulator required, hence, the tower is at ground potential for lighting protection
  • no lighting chokes or transformers are required when tower lights are used
  • better stability in inclement weather

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