Residential meters

Residential meters:

  • four tariff meters with accuracy class 1
  • built in MTU receiver and/or UKS
  • current range 5 (10) – 60 (100) A
  • active energy in both directions (A+, A-)
  • power and time of incurrence  
  • 18 billing periods with energy and power
  • strong magnetic field and connector opening detector
  • power failure count (3 min), time undervoltage, overvoltage
  • tariff switch count and times
  • reading and programming count and times
  • MTU telegram receipt count and times
  • dissenting energy by tariffs and phases
  • programmable limit dissent for every tariff
  • instantaneous power, current, voltage, frequency, temperature, alarms
  • internal clock or clock sinchronized with net
  • built-in 60A contactor, option

Assumed for indoor installation.
Meters are manufactured within requirements of IEC 62052-11 and the IEC 62053-21 standard.