Mobile Program

In the early 80's RIZ's management recognized the importance and advantages of mobile stations.    Since then RIZ provides low and high power mobile transmitters as well as complete stations operating in the MW and SW broadcasting bands.
Depending on the radiating power, the complete station equipment is in one or more ISO standard containers containing:

  • the transmitter 
  • antennas 
  • power supply system
  • auxiliary equipment

Today, RIZ is the only manufacturer of high power modern mobile radio broadcasting systems.


  • eliminated cost and time for civil works
  • quick and easy transport from one location to another
  • temporary replacement of stationary transmitters while under servicing or repairing

These fully autonomous units are suitable for operation in the hardest environmental conditions and are capable of broadcasting from any location.
Mobile stations eliminate the cost of buildings and infrastructure, reduce overall project time and are ready to start transmission within one day of arrival to the desired location.
Many of our autonomous units are in operation all over the world as a replacement while a stationary centre is under reconstruction or as the only broadcasting unit in the region.
All containers are ISO standard, fully assembled and wired, temperature and sound insulated, equipped with air conditioner and/or ventilation system depending on environmental and operational conditions.

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