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Comet Group

Comet is the expert in high vacuum technology, materials science and mastery of high voltages.The design, construction and processing of COMET vacuum capacitors, combined with decades of experience in precision manufacturing assure outstanding quality standards.
Comet has been manufacturing fixed and variable vacuum capacitors since 1965.These are used in plasma-process-related industries and in radio transmitters for short, medium and long wave bands.

RIZ-Transmitters Company and Comet have had a good business relationship since the early 70's. RIZ uses Comet's high quality fixed and variable vacuum capacitors and integrates them into high power transmitters where stability of the LC components is of extreme importance for safe and stable operation.

Both companies are worldwide known for their professional approach to production and customer needs. That common attribute is the reason for such a long-lasting cooperation.

Comet Group - Plasma Control Technologies

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