Additional Equipment

Long term cooperation with the world eminent and specialized manufacturers ensures delivery of high quality additional equipment necessary for completing the broadcasting station.

We can supply:

Antenna and Antenna System

  • MW antennas
  • SW antennas

Dummy Loads

  • Aiir Cooled
  • Water Cooled

Coaxial Equipment / Connectors and Switches

  • Coaxial cables and rigid lines  
  • Coaxial connectors
  • Manual and/or motorized switches

Remote Control and Monitoring

  • Remote control and monitoring of transmitter and all associated equipment via RS 232, RS 422


STL - Program and Data Links

  • Program and data links depending on actual frequency band


Program Input Equipment

Studio Equipment

Test Instruments Set

  • MW Set
  • SW Set

Power Supply Equipment

  • UPS
  • AVR
  • Diesel motor generators – stationary and mobile versions

Cooling Equipment

  • A/C

Aside for transportable / mobile solutions we supply:

  • Trucks
  • Trailers