What is the main advantage of electronic meters compared to mechanical meters?
The main advantage of electronic meters is AMR, automated meter reading. Electronic meters provide remote meter reading using a computer with minimum manual activity.

Why is remote reading important?
Remote meter reading reduces the costs of reading, increases the efficiency of reading and accuracy  of reading data. The computer will read the meter correctly or it will not read.

Why are electronic meters are called „Smart Meter“?
The „Smart Meter“ has a small computer inside.

Does RIZ produce meters by someone else's license?
No, RIZ Transsmiters d.d. is the owner of the tehnology. Meters produced in RIZ Transsmiters are designed, developed and produced in RIZ factory in Croatia by Croatian workers.

What is the accuracy of RIZ meters?
All RIZ meters EBM108, EBT308, EBM105 and EBT305 have an accuracy class 1. Their accuracy range is ±1 % and all devices produced are individually calibrated in the laboratory. EBM108 meter has an accuracy of ±0.5 % throughout the current range .

What are the other meter measurements beside the energy?
Except for four types of energy, active positive, active negative, reactive positive and reactive negative it is possible to read, power, reports from the past 18 months with the energy and power, load curve for 512 days, tariff switch count and time, network quality factor, cover oppening detection time and much else which is about 1MB of data.

Is ti possible to cheat RIZ meter?
No. The meters have cover oppening detection, strong magnetic field presence detector, hypotermia protection and event book that permanent records various events.

What is the quality of RIZ meters?
Top quality electronic components are installed in RIZ meters produced in USA, Germany, Japan and Croatia. RIZ meters contain over 300 components of which 45 are produced in Croatia. The meters also have components from external partners; Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, National Semi, ST, VAC, Schaffner, Isabellenhuette, Schrack. The number of components produced in Croatia is increasing.

What is the difference between RIZ meters an other manufacturers meters?
The main difference is in the integrated MTU. RIZ is the only manufacturer in this area that has a programmabile and integrated MTU and UKS (timer) in their meters. During the installation of RIZ meters it is not necessary to install a MTU receiver which lowers energy costs.
With every next meter installed it is neseccery to install a MTU receiver which costs around 30€. For example, on the Croatian territory half a million MTU receivers and timers are installed.  These devices were installed before the RIZ smart meters were on the market. These devices load the network with 1MW of power.
The second important thing is  the easy meter installation with manual settings selection.

References of installed meters?
In Croatia RIZ is the largest supplier of meters and has installed over 300.000 meters in all conditions, from high salinity, high humidity and high temperatures. In Bosnia and Hercegovina RIZ has installed around 10.000 meters. RIZ the only Croatian supplier of electronic meters.

What kind of communication is used by the meters?
Meters produced in RIZ are equiped with electromagnetic communication according to EURIDIS (standard IEC 62056-31), optical communication (standard IEC 62056-21) and RS485 protocol.

Is it possible to connect RIZ meter to the internet?
Yes, it is possible if we connect GDL208 GPRS TCP/IP communicator with the meter. The meters can be read over the internet protocol and can send e-mails. It has a web interface and can be accesed through the URL.

What meters are good for residential buildings?
The best selection of meters for AMR in residential buildings are those with EURIDIS communication. It allows quick, efficient, meter networking up to 200 pieces and 1 GPRS modem, where the cost of reading is reduced to a minimum.

What is the maximum lenght for electromagnetic meter reading?
IEC 62056-31 (protocol EURIDIS) standard prescribes the maximum lenght of communication lines which is 500 m. If your implementation requires a greater lenght of communication lines, we recommend RIZ- EURIDIS repeater.

Is bus power supply necessary for the electromagnetic meter reading (EURIDIS)?
No, bus doesn't require power supply. The bus is galvanically separated from the meter with 8 kV.
The bus is also galvanically separated from the reading probe. Electrical isolation is essential for safety reasons and overvoltage inteference from the power grid.

Is GPRS reading better then GSM reading?
Of course it is. GPRS is a mobile communication that support TCP/IP protocol. For safety reasons it is possible to define private VPN network, which is invisible from outside the system.

Is it possible to read RIZ meters without a power supply?
Yes. The meter can display data and consumption on its LCD when there is no power supply because it runs on battery.

Is it possible for a RIZ meter to skip the digit and in that way deceive consumers?
It is not possible because the meter checks every hour the real accumulated energy and compares it with a theoretical maximum for 1 hour (230V*100A*1h). In case of overflow it sets an error indicator on its LCD display.

Can RIZ meters count backwards?
It is not possible because all registries are growing, cumulative. The accumulated energy is checked every hour and it must be equal or greater. If that isnt the case the LCD won't display the result.

How to protect data accuracy in the meter?
For data privacy on the meter, during reading and programming DES encription is used.

Are RIZ meters interoperable with other manufacturers meters?
Yes they are. Alongside RIZ meters on the EURIDIS bus, it is possible to connect meters from 8 global manufacturers that support EURIDIS. The meters can work together on the same physical bus with the same communicator or handheld unit.

What is EURIDIS+?
EURIDIS+ is an upgraded standard that support DLMS/COSEM and rates on 9600 baud.