RIZ AMR System

RIZ AMR is a program suite used for remote meter reading. The GSM/GPRS network and hard line network (PSTN) is used for data transfer between application and the meters. The main feature of this system is to read meters from RIZ and other manufacturers, regardless of the supported communication.

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RIZ AMR system for remote meters reading and programming consists of:

  • One or more computers on which AMR program components are installed
  • One or more classic or GSM modems on the read center side
  • One or more communication (GSM, PSTN) module on the customer's side
  • Electronic meters with communication according to EURIDIS (IEC62056-31), IEC62056-21 (1107) and DLMS standard.

RIZ AMR system advantages:

  • In case of using a communication system with meters in residential buildings where there a large number of meters connected on every EURIDIS or RS485 bus, consumption reading price is significantly lower than in conventional reading which may include multiple field trips only to read just one meter
  • Provides automated meter reading, which can be planned at any time of day
  • Support for remote reading of all represented electronic meters
  • All data from the meter can be read, such as: informations about unauthorized connector cover opening, self test results (eventual meter failure), and so on
  • Meter programming is possible, and thus easily change the tariff
  • Output data format can be adapted to the users needs
  • The system can be upgraded in such a way that ,in combination with meters with contactors, can facilitate meter implementation
  • Most of the systems functions arrise from software and can be easily tailored to customer needs
  • Load curve graphical display for the meters that remember power profile.
  • Levels of access using diferent passwords.

Program suite components:

  • AMR Application – application for managing system data (meters, consumers, readings) and AMR operating system
  • AMR Server - In charge of data synchronisation within the system
  • AMR Timer – service in charge of planned readings execution
  • Communication services – enables data communication between the computer on one side and GSM communication module on the other side.
    -  SMS service – communication over GSM SMS channel
    -  Modem service – communication over GSM data channel
    -  Net service – communication over TCI/IP channel
  • Data Base – System data storage

Application modules:

  • Data
    -  Enter and edit meter data, consumers and communication modules
  • Remote reading and programming
    -  Creating reading and programming tasks
    -  Set tasks for planned readings (for example: every first in the month in 12:00)
    -  Reading results overview
  • Manual reading
    -  Communication with handheld units (HHU)
  • Reports
    -  Creating reports [1]
  • Security
    -  users and levels of authority management
  • Message queues
    -  Execution of tasks overview
  • Activitys
    -  System activity overview
  • Services
    -  AMR system components (services) management

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1. Folleto (ESP)