Handheld device application

The RIZ RT application is used to collect all required values from the metering devices using a hand held device in the process of calculating the consumption of electricity. RIZ RT application usage is to read calculations of measured values, registrys, load curves, book of events and metering devices parameters.

In general

RIZ RT application is executed on Microsoft Windows Mobile system, version 4 or higher.

Update of new requirements and processing of existing applications is done by installing new version of application over the existing, without terminal hardware modification.

Data between billing systems and RIZ RT application are exchanged with data transmission between PC and handheld device on which the application is installed.

Metering devices data file and reading results output file are in XML format which structure is explained in „XML files structure for data transmission“ file.  Transmission of XML files is done by two – way communication channels between PC and HHU (Handheld unit).

Application is executed on all handheld units with Microsoft Windows Mobile operation system, for example:

  • Motorola MC75
  • Motorola MC55
  • Symbol PDT8100
  • HP IPAQ H2200 [1]
  • HP IPAQ HX4700 [1]
  • HP IPAQ HW6915 [1]
  • Bluebird Pidion BIP-6000

[1]  Devices do not support working with the probe.

Navigation through RIZ RT application

Navigation through RIZ RT application is possible over:

  • touch screen,
  • the virtual keyboard of the terminal,
  • the physical keyboard of the terminal.

Faster way of navigation is possible by using function buttons.

Function buttons may vary on different types of terminals, and minor adjustments of the application may be required if you do not use terminals previously mentioned.

The order of the tour

Navigation in the application is organised through menus. Meter sites are divided into groups through neighborhoods and streets. The application allows diferent ways of sorting the order of the readings of meter sites on the street:

  • by workflow,
  • by adress (order of house numbers in the street)
  • by odd/even house numbers (one side of the street is read first, then on the way back other side of the street is read)

For each of the sorting sequence in addition it can be choosen input or output order.

Reading order is configurable and it can be pre – determined for all data in RIZ RT application or it can be executed only for the current meter sites display.  The application allows sorting implementation when opening the screen display of measurement points (configurable).

Data browsing

The application allows data browse that are transfered through input XML file:

  • function buttons,
  • bar-code reader,
  • GUI (Graphic User Interface).

If browsing result is not unambiguous then the application offers a selection from the list of possible entries. After selecting the desired meter site application enables reading of the same.

Ways of reading measuring devices

RIZ RT application enables measuring devices reading in the following ways:

  • automatic by the probe – achieved electronically using a universal probe that supports both communication protocols by IEC62056-31 and IEC62056-21 standard.
  • Manually – achieved by importing read data from the display and meter counter over alphanumeric buttons on the handheld keyboard or graphic keyboard on the touch screen. It counts the number of attempts of entry conditions.

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Motorola MC75                                       PDT8100


PDF documents:

1. XML Structure

2. Instructions