DRM Modulator Exciter - product specification

Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS)
Frequency range 100 kHz to 30 MHz, 0.1 Hz step

Stability vs. temperature

(-30 to +70 °C):

Long term stability: 1x10-6 for 10 years
2x10-9 per day
down 1 03
Operation Modes
AM, AMC, DAM and optionally DSB-SC, SSB 
down 1 03
Internal GPS
External NTP server
down 1 03
Automatic phase/envelope delay adjustment
down 1 03
MDI (Ethernet 10/100 Base-T, RJ45)
Analog Audio (20 Hz to 10 kHz, 600 Ω balanced, XLR)
Digital Audio (AES/EBU 48/96/192 kHz, 110 Ω balanced XLR)
Baseband IQ (over Digital Audio port)
10 MHz REF (external 10 MHz reference, 50 Ω, BNC)
EXT PPS    (external Pulse Per Second, 50 Ω, BNC)
GPS ANT (GPS antenna input, 50 Ω, TNC)
RF IN    (RF input, 50 Ω, BNC)
down 1 03
2 x RF OUT (direct RF output, 50 Ω, 2 x BNC)
RF TEST OUT (selectable, 50 Ω, BNC)
CARR MON (carrier monitor, 50 Ω, BNC)
48 KHz OUT (48 kHz clock, 50 Ω, BNC)
RF Phase (phase modulated carrier, over RF OUT port)
AF Envelope (600 Ω balanced, XLR)
Digital IQ (AES/EBU 192 kHz, 110 Ω balanced, XLR)
down 1 03
Remote Control over RS422 (DB9 female)
Phase Noise Performances
10 Hz -110 dBc / Hz
100 Hz -130 dBc / Hz
1 kHz -140 dBc / Hz
10 kHz
down 1 03
Power Supply: 230 VAC single phase, 50 Hz
Dimensions: 19’’ rack mounts, h = 2U

DRM Modulator Exciter

The RIZ DRM Modulator / Exciter is designed in compliance with the ETSI ES 201 980 DRM system specification, and it  comes built-in as standard unit in RIZ transmitters of the newest generation.

It decodes data transported using the MDI / DCP protocol and modulates it to a signal that conforms to the DRM specification without the need of any additional source of information. The data is sent in packets asynchronously, so different standard transport mechanisms may be used (UDP / IP, TCP / IP, files, serial port etc). It is possible to combine several data streams, each using a different communication protocol, to get better reliability. Due to the fact that some transport mechanisms can be unreliable, a forward error correction mechanism is provided (DCP-PFT).

For better reliability it is possible to have two independent sources for the same MDI stream. For example an UDP satellite link and a link over the Internet (TCP / IP) or any other combination (serial, telephone, file, etc). The parameters of the RIZ DRM Modulator / Exciter can be controlled and/or monitored from a remote site (e.g. broadcaster’s control room) using the RS422 or SNMP remote interface.
The exciter supports different types of analog modulation (AM, AMC, DAM, optionally DSB-SC, SSB) as well as simulcast modes (SCS, MCS) according to the ETSI ES 201 980 DRM standard.

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