Effective mobile stations call for effective, simple and easy to install antennas.
To cover such needs on MW and SW mobile systems, RIZ-Transmitters Co. has developed omnidirectional antennas suitable for stationary applications.

MW Folded Unipole Antenna is a 60 meters tall, grounded vertical tower with six folded wires equispaced around the tower and tied together on the ring at the base of the antenna. A matching unit ensures service over the whole MW broadcasting band.

SW Single Tower Inverted Cone Vertically Polarised Antenna covers the whole SW broadcasting frequency band.
Each antenna comprises a single base insulated tower with a height of 25m, supporting a curtain of radiators that diverge from the top of the tower and converge again at the bottom of the tower, and a the grounding screen. The inverted cone radiator wires are electrically connected to continuous circulating catenaries. These catenaries are pulled tight from the tower by twelve insulated guys to make the antenna shape.