Terminal box PK-100 / RK 50

PK-100 is a terminal box for two-way EURIDIS (IEC 62056-31) communication with meters connected to two-wire bus.

  • Meter reading or programming is done by connecting a GSM module probe or handheld unit to the PK-100 terminal
  • The Bus doesn't have its own power supply and it is galvanicly separated from the meters and connected GSM module or handheld unit
  • One PK-100 can be connected to a bus with 1 to 100 meters
  • The maximum total lenght of all lines of a bus can be up to 500 m


Tehnical data

Temperature range: -20 °C to +50 °C        
Protection level: IP53
Method of installation: external
Dimensions: 80 mm × 80 mm × 27 mm
Weight: 0,10kg

RK-50 is a terminal box for connecting lines that connect 1 to 3 meters on a bus or for extending lines.

  • Same dimensions as PK-100
  • Box cover doesn't have acceptance for the probe