Testing Services

In addition to testing meters, RIZ-LABORATORIJ offers its customers the following types of tests:

Testing the insulation properties of electronic devices:

  • impulse voltage tests (1,2/50 μs, 0,25 kV – 12 kV) in compliance with the IEC 60060-1 standard
  • AC voltage tests (50 Hz, 0,1 kV – 4 kV)

Testing the influence of AC voltages on the low-power devices (up to 30 VA) – influence of amplitudes and frequencies of supply voltages, influence of higher harmonics of basic voltage frequencies, influence of voltage dips and short interruptions

Testing electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of electronic table-top equipment:

  • fast transient burst test according to the EN 61000-4-4 standard
  • test of immunity to electrostatic discharges according to the EN 61000-4-2 standard
  • surge immunity test according to the EN 61000-4-5 standard

Tests of incoherent irradiance (0,1 mW/m2– 2000 W/m2) in the wavelength range from 400 nm to 1050 nm

Tests of magnetic induction (from 0,01 mT to 3 T) and intensity (from 160 A/m to 2387 kA/m) of homogeneous direct and alternating (15 Hz– 10 kHz) magnetic fields.