Accreditation Scope

The testing laboratory for energy meters is accredited by the Croatian Accreditation Agency based on the Croatian national law on accreditation (Narodne novine 158/03, 75-09, 56/13) according to the HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.
The accreditation certificate is valid for 5 years and it consists of testing static and electromechanical direct connected and transformer operated watt-hour meters of class indexes 1, 2, A, B, C, 0.2 S and 0.5 S for active energy and of class indexes 2 and 3 for reactive energy.

Tests of insulation properties:

  • impulse voltage test
  • AC voltage test

Limits of error due to influence quantities:

  • variation of current
  • voltage variation (230 V ± 10 % i +15 % / -20 %)
  • frequency variation (50 Hz ± 2 %)
  • ambient temperature variation
  • reverse phase sequence and voltage unbalance (three phased meters)
  • harmonic components, DC and even harmonics, odd and sub-harmonics of a 50 Hz reference frequency

Tests of electrical requirements

Tests of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC):

  • test of immunity to electrostatic discharges
  • surge immunity test
  • test of immunity to voltage dips and short interruptions
  • test of immunity to power frequency magnetic fields of external origin and immunity to continuous magnetic fields of external origin

A list of the entire scope of accredited methods including a list of standards is given in the Accreditation Certificate.

Click here to download the Accreditation Certificate